pw 50 complete cable kit

PW50 Complete Cable Kit

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Includes: Front\rear brake cables, throttle cable, and choke cable.

Almost all of the most important components on your PW50 are controlled with lines or cables. Whether you need to stop or go, lines and cables make it happen. When the engine is cold, fuel vaporizes less readily and tends to condense on the walls of the intake manifold, starving the cylinders of fuel and making the engine difficult to start; thus, a richer mixture (more fuel to air) is required to start and run the engine until it warms up. A richer mixture is also easier to ignite. To provide the extra fuel grab one of our top of the line choke cables today. With PWonly PW50 cables and line, your controls will feel like new again.

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As the cables get dry and collect dust and dirt particles over time, they will start feeling rough, and may even bind, requiring more effort to twist the throttle, brake, or get fuel to your carburetor. Not only could this cause performance issues with your bike, but it could ultimately cause performance issues with you as well. Check out our new PW50 cables!!

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